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Our country is the giant of Africa!

Software programming, development of applications...

/s/Jokes Etc
Riddles and jokes that fellow african can appreciate.


Website design and development, management of forums, blogs, wikis and all sorts of websites.

Local television programmes, local and foreign movies available in Africa.

Talk about your favorite songs, music albums, artists and bands.

Discuss dating, courtship and romance in marriage.

Personal computing, etc...

Job/employment opportunities, vacancies in Africa!

African GSM networks, telephone companies, etc... ISPs, Modems, Websites, etc...

Celebrity obsession, Nollywood gossip, etc...

Talk about workplace experiences and incidents, professional training and certification, career management, etc... Employed, self-employed, job seekers.

/s/Art, Graphics & Video
Digital video and film, computer graphics and animation. Tips, tricks & tools.

Clothes, dresses, make-up routines and modeling.

/s/Technology Market
Buy and sell phones, computers and PC accessories here.

Birthdays, weddings, other occasions. Planning, announcement, gifts.

Entrepreneurship, startups, economics, etc...

For investors. Stock exchange, stocks, bonds, t-bills, real-estate, etc...

We are africans; and we love soccer and many other sports!

Welcome to the world of computer, Internet, video and board games. Xbox, PS2, chess, whatever!

Primary and secondary school, universities, polytechnics, etc...

/s/Forum Games
Play various addictive forum games with fellow members of PChoco.

Cars, motorbikes, airplanes, etc...

/s/Car Talk
Let's talk about cars here.

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