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Daily Horoscope

A sum of money that you might have been expecting from far away may be delayed, Taurus. This could be frustrating for you, but don't panic. The money is indeed coming. So unless your situation is urgent, just sit back and wait. If you want to check with those who are sending it, by all means do so. However, you'll probably find that the matter is out of their hands. Be patient and hang in there.

Weekly Money Horoscope

You have a unique situation on your hands this week regarding debt and other people's money. Although part of you wants to make more progress on the debt repayment front, another part may hold you back from doing all that much. One thing is for sure - taking a proactive stance and accepting all of your responsibilities will yield the best results in the long term.

Weekly Wellness Horoscope

One of your great qualities is the ability to be realistic. This is good news for setting up your health practice, as it's important to set attainable goals, otherwise you're likely to slip from pressure or lack of self-confidence. The exercise you choose needs to be something you like, and something that fits in with your daily schedule. For instance, if you choose rock-climbing, you need to have a rock climbing gym readily available (unless of course you live near a natural rock face!).

Weekly Love Horoscope

You may feel that a discussion about your relationship is needed to help you both decide where you should go from here. However, today's astral configuration may make it more difficult to find a starting point from which you can talk without becoming too emotional. Perhaps some action is called for instead. Maybe an outing together would help things to gel between you, more than dialogue would.

Weekly Career Horoscope

Normally your brain is quite scattered and indecisive. Today it is even more so. The good news is that you will be able to detach yourself emotionally from a certain situation so that you can see it with more rational and unbiased eyes.