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Daily Horoscope

You're eager and optimistic today, Pisces, which works well with your strong, capable nature. You're likely to find that things begin to click into place at work. Something that has been troubling you for some time suddenly becomes clear. What was once a stumbling block is now a mere bump in the road and easily overcome. All indications are that you'll be successful at whatever you do now, so dare to dream big.

Weekly Money Horoscope

This week lights up the areas of your chart that want to get out and explore all that life has to offer, from the emotional to the physical to the spiritual. It's imperative to go with the flow when it comes to the changes on your money front. They aren't bad, but they will require some patience.

Weekly Wellness Horoscope

The current planetary configuration recalls goals you set in the distant past. Whatever you want to achieve in terms of your well-being is going to be more apparent to you. Now you can access what your true wishes are: do you want to have more strength? Do you wish to sleep better? Do you want to be more energized but consume less caffeine? Whatever your desires are, get clear about them today in order to have a better chance of acting on them.

Weekly Love Horoscope

Subtlety and silence will not get you where you want to go in your current bid to attract the attention of someone special. The energy at play today encourages you to wear brighter clothes, put on your loveliest smile, and go and talk to them. The more open, honest, warm, and genuinely enthusiastic you can be about them and life in general, the better. Don't chicken out.

Weekly Career Horoscope

It may be hard for you to sit still today and not think about work-related issues, even if you are miles away from your workplace. Make a conscious effort to calm yourself down and simply relax. Let go of any nervous, restless energy that you have.